Sustainable forest management

What is the PEFC?


The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is an organisation that encourages the sustainable management of forests by means of certification.


PEFC certified forestry is based on the following principles:



-  Appropriate conservation and improvement of forestry resources (forest area and quality of forests).

- Maintaining the health and vitality of forest eco-systems (pollution, diseases, fires, storms, etc.).


-  Maintaining and encouraging the production functions of forests (The quantity of wood harvested does not exceed the quantity of wood replaced and the value of other products: hunting, fruit and mushrooms).


The biodiversity of the forest eco-systems is preserved (protection of species and vulnerable forests). The functions of the forest for the protection of water, soil and climate are protected. Other benefits are maintained (the socio-economic and cultural values of the forest). The source of the wood is verified.


CFP, which adheres to these principles and promotes the sustainable management of forests, is certified by the FCBA (Forêt Cellulose Bois-Construction Ameublement).


PEFC Promouvoir la gestion durable de la forêt


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