CFP specialises in the manufacturer of untreated and coated wooden particleboards. A particleboard is a material in sheet form. It is manufactured from wood particles and/or other lingo-cellulosic materials which are combined together by gluing and pressing.

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Boards can be untreated or coated: 
Melamine boards are coated with a resin-impregnated paper sheet and hot pressed: this is a stratified coating. 
Foil finished boards are coated with a sheet of decorative paper glued to the board medium.

Boards are sold in different forms: 
- Very long boards, untreated or coated, 
- Tiles used for floors, ceilings, partitions etc

- Boards used for shelving.

CFP has a multi-stage press for manufacturing untreated boards. Production capacity can be as much as 1,600 m² per day. We also have a large format melamine press (2070 mm wide) and a foil finish press (calendar roller). Boards can be cut to requirements. They can be sold untreated or foil-finish or melamine coated.

The board manufacturing process :

Boards are manufactured by combining wood chips with a thermosetting binder. The hardwood and coniferous species are utilised in the forms of both roundwood and of by-products of the initial processing (sawdust, flitches etc).

Preparation :
The hardwood and coniferous species are utilised in the forms of both roundwood and of by-products of the initial processing (sawdust, flitches etc).The wood is fragmented and dried (steam jet) to produce dry chips, then sorted into two grades: inner and external layers.


Gluing :

The wood chips are mixed with a urea-formaldehyde or urea-melamine-based glue mixture depending on the type of board required.


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Forming :

The objective is to produce a mattress of bonded chips that has a central layer of large chips and a layer of fine chips on each face. Its weight and size comply with precise technical criteria.

Thermo-pressing :

This operation produces the requisite thickness for the finished product and is where the glue polymerises under high pressure (200 bars) and high temperatures (170°C to 200°C).

The boards are then coated one of two ways: 
- Foil finish: decorative paper in rolls, calendered onto the glued board.
- Melamine: resin-impregnated decorative sheet hot pressed onto the board.

The boards are then cut and machined: special-sized tiles, floor tiles, and edged shelving ready for use.

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Types of board :

Most of our production is manufactured to E1/2 quality in accordance with the control convention with the CTBA.

- E1/2 StandardE1/2 quality refers to a range of boards with reduced urea-formaldehyde emissions (formaldehyde content of less than 4 mg). All our products are manufactured to E1/2 quality.

CTBHBoards for use in an environment presenting seasonal risks of humidity and for working use: used in buildings to support a roof or to act as a watertight layer.

OtherSpecific uses such as technical flooring where great resistance to flexion due to heavy loads is required.


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