The process of transforming a wooden panel

The panels are coated in two different forms:
– The foil finish: decorative paper in rolls, calendered on the glued panel.

– Melamine: resin-impregnated decorative sheet, hot-pressed on the panel.

The panels are then cut and machined: custom-made slabs, floor slabs, ready-to-use sung shelves.

Types of panels:

The majority of our production is manufactured in E1/2 quality according to the control agreement with the CTBA.

– Standard E1/2 : The E1/2 quality is a range of panels with reduced urea formaldehyde emissions (formaldehyde content less than 4 mg per 100g of atro panels).

– CTBH: Panels for use in an environment with temporary moisture risks and for working use: use for the building as a roofing or waterproofing support.

– Other: Specific applications such as technical flooring for which high bending resistance due to heavy loads is required.